Summit Natural Gas


Improve natural gas customer leads in very narrow target areas.

Case Study

Summit Natural Gas is a Colorado-based utility that is introducing natural gas in areas of Maine that are traditionally dependent on fuel oil. The company is expanding service street-by-street in different communities and needed to focus its media more narrowly and efficiently.


Exchanging market-wide saturation and traffic volume for geographical precision is a trade up.


While some traditional channels are useful and important in Summit’s market areas, we set out to incrementally improve each component of the media mix. CD&M converted some radio impressions to music streaming services where ZIP code targeting is available. Additionally, the agency reduced print frequency, but use high-impact placements and precision distribution where available. Lastly, CD&M incorporated advanced location-based audience targeting in digital channels.

Basic performance metrics like CTR and CPC saw some decreases as expected, but the on-site engagement and conversions were overwhelmingly positive. Pages per session increased 143% and the bounce rate dropped by an extraordinary 97%. Best of all, our partners at Summit Natural Gas report a 40% YTD increase in service inquiries.

+40% YTD
service inquiries

pages per session