Maine Spirits


Reverse a decade of below average liquor sales for the state of Maine.

Case Study

For more than 10 years, Maine agency liquor sales were 3-4 percent below the national average for liquor control states. Thousands of Maine residents routinely purchased lower-priced liquor from the neighboring state of New Hampshire where liquor is aggressively marketed. To be competitive, Maine needed to revise its pricing strategy and to create a long-term marketing campaign to increase liquor purchases in state.


Because Maine’s weak liquor pricing position was so deeply ingrained, we recognized that retail pricing specials alone would not be enough to change shopping behaviors.


CD&M created the Maine Spirits brand and launched a statewide campaign with the message that buying spirits locally supports Maine people and economy. We created a series of television campaigns that featured unique, small stores across Maine that were also Maine Spirits retailers. The spots showcased a store’s homemade treats such as whoopie pies or pizza and a reminder that they also have great spirits prices. In addition to TV, a year-round, retail price specials program was created for radio, print, social media, digital, and email.

Sales increased by 4.55% in the first six months.
In three years, sales rose to 5.05%.
During the same period, NH sales remained flat at 2.0%

sales increase in
first six months

sales increase in
over 3 years