Council For Disability Awareness


With a small budget, scale up a critical message to a national audience.

Case Study

More than 50 million working Americans don’t have adequate disability insurance. For many of them, the financial hardships of being out of work more than a few weeks can be devastating. The leading reasons for consumer bankruptcies include medical bills, illness or injury. To raise awareness about the problem, the nonprofit Council for Disability Awareness was looking for new ideas outside of its social media and content efforts.


Because the message is so critical and the audience so vast, we believed that public relations could be effective if executed in a provocative, newsworthy way. Compared to the increasingly large spends needed for social media campaigns, a grassroots PR campaign provided a more affordable path to a large audience.


We created a series of visually dramatic and newsworthy messages to engage consumers, who are unfamiliar with disability insurance or unknowingly, may not have coverage. Public relations kits and a campaign website for consumers and employers which were designed and launched for an initial six-week outreach. During the launch, weekly social media and content posts also supported the messaging.

The campaign was picked up in the first few weeks by 280+ media organizations and led to requests for more information and interviews with the CDA. With no paid support, the website began drawing 200-300 visitors per week who spent two minutes on average at the site. The campaign has been so successful that other insurance associations have inquired about joining the CDA.

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